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Senior Pastor

Pastor Matt Evans

I’m the lead pastor and dreamer for the church. The pastor part might speak for itself, so let me focus on my dreams. 

I dream of a church that seeks to glorify our Lord by loving God and neighbor.

I dream of a church that seeks to make the unconditional love of Christ without judgment, guilt, or shame (what we call mad, crazy love) real.

I dream of a church where the Bible is proclaimed in both word and deed.

I dream of a church that is engaged in local, domestic, and international missions multiple times a year.

I dream of a church that has so much fun glorifying Christ in worship that people can’t wait to come back.

I dream of a church where children fall head-over-heels in love with God.

I dream of a church that empowers and engages youth to live for our Lord.

I dream of a church where families can serve those in need together.

I dream of a church where we don’t have to have the same understanding of scripture to love Jesus the same.

I dream of a church that isn’t an echo of the world but an alternative to it.

I dream of a church where we are more than a friendly church but rather a church of friends and community who love each other everyday.

I dream of a church that can share an orthodox faith in a changing world.

I dream of a church that feeds hungry bodies and souls.

I dream of a church where my wife of over 25 years enjoys worshipping as much as my two adult children who are in their 20's do.

I dream of a church that is changing the world over and over again through the Gospel, where excitement lives, and faith flourishes! 


Director of Worship & Media

Travis Holtzhauser

I serve as the Director of Worship & Media, a role that has changed over the years since I started in 2005.  Currently, I oversee the Worship Team and the digital presence of Christ the King Church.


On Sunday mornings you'll usually find me on stage as a worship leader, but I also regularly serve on the production team.


During the week, I do my best as a husband to Hilary and as a father to Charlotte and Asher while continuing my work for Christ the King Church:  maintaining our social media and website, releasing midweek videos, and preparing for Sunday.  I also work as a Principal Technical Support Engineer at SAS.


I spend way too much time inside attached to a desk and making things with ones and zeros, so I take every opportunity that involves getting outside or making something with my hands.


I'm an aspiring Bible nerd with a passion to play my part in connecting people with their creator through worship, scripture, and technology.  How can I help?


Children's Ministry Director

Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson has served as Children’s Ministry Director since 2016. She is a graduate of East Carolina University, where she majored in special education with a minor in psychology. Laura’s family moved to Clayton in 2011.


Her biggest joys are her husband, Trevor, and her four children Grayson (19), Gannon (16),  Maggie (12), and May (5). Her oldest child is a freshman at NC State University, so they are Wolfpack fans!


Laura loves leading the children’s ministry at Christ the King Church!  Watching children learn about God and help them to grow in their faith is a huge passion. She also loves planning events to connect families and the community. She is always open to new ideas and people who want to connect with the children’s ministry, so feel free to reach out!


Associate Pastor // Missions & Discipleship

Pastor Heidi Seifert

I am the Associate Pastor for Christ the King Church. My full title is Associate Pastor of Missions and Discipleship. I have the privilege of helping navigate our mission work and discipleship opportunities within the church and outside the four walls. Missions have always been my passion, going out into the community and finding new ways to share God’s love is one way I have always felt called.


I am blessed to be in my second year with you all and I am excited to see what new ways we will grow together this year. I am married to Paul Seifert and we have two daughters Kayley and Eliza. Christ the King Church has welcomed us and we are so happy to call it home.


Administrative Assistant // Preschool Director

Priscilla Holtzhauser

I am the Administrative Assistant of Christ the King Church, or as Pastor Matt says, “air traffic control.”  I have been blessed to be able to serve the staff and congregation of the church since 1998.  Since 2003 I have also been the Preschool Director and a Preschool Teacher when needed.

My husband, Bill, and I married in 1981.  We have 3 children, Timothy, Tyler and Travis, who is married to Hilary.  We also have 2 grandchildren, Charlotte and Asher.

I was born in Frankfurt Germany and moved around quite a bit as a young child.  I call Meadville Pennsylvania my hometown, but I have lived in Clayton North Carolina longer than anywhere else.

If you have any questions about getting connected at Christ the King Church, please reach out to me and I will point you in the right direction.


Youth Group Leader

Scott Charlton

Allow me to introduce myself... 

I've been involved with the youth program in some fashion since 2016 and the youth director since 2018. My kids, Cody and Jayda were the driving force behind my passion for the youth program and I strive to help provide that same love and dedication to the youth I serve. 

When not spending my Sunday nights with the greatest students around I'm generally found working in my garage on some disabled vehicle, enjoying the outdoors with my amazing wife, April or finding some type of adventure to go on. 

Being a part of this community brings me more joy than I can express - each week I learn more from my students than I think they learn from me. 

Church Council

Chairpersons // Kelci Bradner, Ellen Carroll, Laurie Kallenbach
Lay Leaders // Janet Arnold, Natalie Birdwell Sisler
SPRC // Janet Arnold, Sarah Elliott, Mike Rowe, Natalie Birdwell Sisler, Josh Thompson
Trustees // Kelci Bradner, Ellen Carroll, Bill Holtzhauser, Brian Privette, Jason Ramos
Finance // Michael Hoskins, Laurie Kallenbach, Cathy Rzany, Takiyah Myers
Staff // Pastor Matt Evans, Pastor Heidi Seifert, Priscilla Holtzhauser, Travis Holtzhauser, Laura Johnson, Scott Charlton

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